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Know how to listen to envision

Eng. Salvatore Fucci


Humility and dedication the secret of success

The study

FUCCI the study, led by Ing. Salvatore Fucci is one of the most established international studies of architecture and engineering in the world. The study premises in NAPLES, ROME, SHANGHAI, NEW YORK & DUBAI and has ranged in about 40 years with an increasingly innovative approach in different types of intervention: airports, roads, railways, bridges, sports facilities, technological systems, wind farms and photovoltaic, biomass plants to produce electricity, industries and prestigious residences, interior design and architectural design of yachts and airplanes, houses, bars, restaurants and luxury hotels, museums, convention centers, offices and centers directional, health care facilities and hospitals, architectural lighting projects, rehabilitation projects and restoration of historical and architectural heritage.

To date the firm has under the leadership of its Chairman dr.ing.Salvatore Fucci 700 Designs around the World. Eng. Fucci is also Chairman of the Association International of China Europe International Cooperation and contributed along with many other Italian artists to bring the architectural culture, art and culture in China. Over the years since 2002 he has promoted to raise public awareness of the seismic zones, the preliminary verification and adaptation of buildings. With the Emilia Romagna earthquake and the earthquake in central Italy it has developed different designs to create buildings more secure and resistant to earthquake. But the creativity of Fucci is also visible by the different designs and implementation of items of furniture, tables, chairs, wristwatches, clothing, wrought iron doors, wood, paintings, drawings of cars and luxury yachts as well as several patents and works of photography.

Salvatore Fucci himself as a creative architect and project manager whose most remarkable quality is: "know how to listen to envision"